I'm still not sure how to describe what i do. Let's call it NDM - No Dance Music.
But sometimes I write something that people can still dance to.
Sometimes I even do what they ask of me ⋮)
I can do/want to do soundtracks for advertising,
theatrical performance, immersive presentation
interactive installation and something new,
of which I haven't thought about yet.

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HFC Paris

A soundtrack for the French perfume house HFC Paris
(Haute fragrance company).
The unique project HFC is a collaboration of the best artist & craftsmen from all over the world.


Here is my soundtrack for the teaser of the spectakle "Faratyev's Fantasies" at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater
It entered the 10 best performances of 2017 in Moscow.


In 2017, the brand SUPERDRY was officially introduced to the Russian market. I composed the musical accompaniment for their immersive presentation - the music sounded in the headphones of the guests along with the voice of the presenter and showed what was happening in each zone, according to the given concept.


My live performance at the poetic evening "Chtecy" and the soundtrack for the reportage video of that event.CHTECY — is a creative project that conquers the cities of Russia

Walking castle

A performance at the opening of the AVANGARDEN club in the framework of the project "Walking Castle" from the progressive art-community MYNAMEISSPACE


A sound design for the interactive game space created by me and VARENYEORGANIZM in the walls of the VINZAVOD at an interactive exhibition SMIT.Space A series of 30 tube-lamps was controlled by the movements of the rudder (as well as pedals and 6 buttons). Each turn of the rudder or the pressing of buttons gave rise to various light-auditory changes in space.


In addition to the above, I also participated in the following projects: